Civil Service Law and General Municipal Law in New York

New York’s Civil Service Law and General Municipal Law govern a variety of labor issues. While the scope of these laws is broad, below are several sections that are particularly relevant for public sector employees.

Section 71, Section 72, and Section 73 of the New York State Civil Service Law deal with aspects of employee disability. These rules govern situations where an employee is either mentally or physically incapable of performing their job responsibilities. Additionally, if an employee is out on disability for more than one year, these laws provide a process by which an employer may seek termination, as well as a process by which an employee so terminated may seek reinstatement.

Section 75 of New York State Civil Service Law governs removal and other disciplinary action of certain employees. It provides disciplinary procedures, time limitations, and a range of penalties.

General Municipal Law sections 207-a and 207-c describe benefits available to firefighters and law enforcement personnel, respectively, who suffer injury or illness due to the performance of their duties. If a firefighter or law enforcement officer is injured on the job, their employer must cover the associated medical expenses and continue paying them while they are out sick with that injury.

Many disputes arise under these various provisions, requiring not only strong legal analysis but sensitive factual inquiry as well. If you are a covered employee and find yourself involved in one of these situations – disability, discipline, or injury – you should consult with your union if you feel you are being treated unfairly. If your union is unable to assist you, please contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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