Labor Union Law and Regulation

Occasionally, issues concerning internal union matters arise, such as disputes about election procedures, compliance matters, handling dues, creating political action committees, or interpreting a union’s constitution and bylaws. Our knowledge of the law, familiarity with our clients’ procedures and processes, and vast experience in handling issues like these make us valuable advisors to our clients for these internal issues.

In addition to advising on internal union matters, we also defend our clients when they are accused of breaching their duty of fair representation. Under the law, unions owe a duty of fair representation to each of its members and may not breach it by acting in an arbitrary, discriminatory, or bad faith manner.

In New York, allegations that an employee’s union breached its duty of fair representation are usually brought as improper or unfair labor practices against the union, but they may also be brought to court. At our client’s direction, we are able to investigate such allegations, make recommendations based on our findings, and prepare effective defenses should the matter proceed to hearing or trial.

If you need assistance resolving an internal union matter or defending against a duty of fair representation claim, please contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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